Guayusa Tea recipe-summer ICE-BREW

Guayusa Tee Rezept – Sommer Ice-Brew


Try our now Guayusa Tea recipe for an ICE BREW! Did you woke up today and already sweat? No wonder the climate change skin and that was already a big topic at the time of "Fresh Prince" aka "The Prince of Bel-Air" (1990). But that's not all about that today.

You have yours climate -friendly Guayusa tea Already in the kitchen and need something cold, preferably something ice cold, correct?!
In this blog article you will therefore find ours Guayusa Tea ICE-BREW recipe. You are also welcome to us Instagram Follow and save it there.



  1. Ingredients for your ICE BREW Guayusa Tea recipe
  2. Instructions for Guayusa Tea ICE-BREW recipe
  3. Conclusion


1. Ingredients for your ICE-BREW Guayusa Tea recipe

  1. One of ours Guayusa Sorts. Preferably PURE Powder. But it also works with ours Teas.
  2. Extra fine double sieve. For example, from our Dripper, or a coffee filter. Use a filter with space for the powder and ice cubes. It should also be structured like a funnel.
  3. One Jug or our dripper jug ​​in which the melted ice water is collected.


2. Instructions for Guayusa Tea ICE-BREW recipe


Guayusa Tea recipe ICE-BREW

  1. Fill your sieve as usual with the powder and hang it in the dripper.
  2. Lay as many ice cubes as possible. Crushed Ice is even better. Form a small hill.
  3. Let the dripper stand for a while and repeat the process with the ice.
  4. After a few minutes, enough ice water should have run through. You can repeat the process until the powder subsides in color and taste.
  5. Fill the ice water running into a glass or a thermos and enjoy the sun.
  6. Finally, you can z. B. add another dash of lemon, honey or sugar. Fresh mint is also great.

Further preparations can be found in our area Recipes, Draw times and in our free PDF with many Guayusa Tea recipes.


3. Conclusion

Guayusa Is already not bittered hotly, as an ICE BREW or EIS-BREW recipe, the sweetness comes from Guayusa Tea even more to light!

Your flavor buds will be happy, just like your energy level and your body temperature!

I will be happy to give us Facebook and Instagram Feedback on your experiences.