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Guayusa Preparation - 10 top Guayusa Tea preparations


In this article we would like to give you a comprehensive insight into the Guayusa Give tea preparation. Since the founding of GUYA In 2016 we tried all sorts of things, some successful, others not. Here we give you the really best preparations Guayusaso you can enjoy your favorite pick-me-up in a variety of ways.

All preparations refer to the 100% Guayusa sorts PURE and DARK, unless otherwise written. At the end you will find additional recommendations for our others Guayusa Sorts.

You can find an overview of possible recipes in our free “Community recipes book“, which you can either add free of charge to every order or in our Newsletter You can also have it sent without ordering.


Table of contents

  1. what is Guayusa Tea?
  2. Play that Guayusa Brewing time matters?
  3. 10 TOP variants for you Guayusa Tea preparation
    1. Normal Guayusa Tea preparation in tea strainer, teapot, thermos flask
    2. Drippers for Guayusa powder
    3. Cold brew Guayusa tea
    4. Ice Brew Guayusa tea
    5. Guayusa bar
    6. Guayusa espresso
    7. Guayusa from the coffee machine
    8. Bullet proof Guayusa tea
    9. Traditional Guayusa Tea preparation
    10. Guayusa Mixtures
  4. Guayusa Types of tea and their differences in preparation
    2. CHAI
  5. Conclusion Guayusa preparation


1. What is Guayusa Tea?

We have written a comprehensive article on this topic. If you want more about Guayusa If you want to learn more about tea, it's best to read our article "what is Guayusa Tea? Effect, preparation, benefits, purchase" through.

At this point, just a short introduction. Guayusa is this most caffeinated drink in the world and comes from the Amazon rainforest. Guayusa is grown in permacultures that protect the rainforest from further deforestation and preserve biodiversity. Read our article on this Cultivation of Guayusa. Despite the high caffeine content, the... Guayusa Tea has a different effect than that of coffee, guarana, mate, green tea etc no known side effects. You can find out why this is so in our article Guayusa Tea effect.


2. Play the Guayusa Brewing time matters?

It depends on the perspective! Do you care about the taste and are you afraid that Guayusa Tea becomes bitter, then we can reassure you at this point! Guayusa Tea does not become bitter even after long steeping times - of course it is stronger, but no comparison to black tea and green tea. You can find instructions for green tea here.

Is it about you? ingredients, then the steeping time sometimes makes a difference. We recommend a steeping time of 5 minutes to 15 minutes to dissolve all of the caffeine content, if you Guayusa pour boiling water over. To contain all antioxidants and other active ingredients such as Theobromine, Theophylline and L-Theanine It takes a little longer to solve. We therefore generally recommend Guayusa Making tea with a strainer and not removing it.


Guayusa Tea brewing time


3. 10 TOP variants for the Guayusa Tea preparation

At GUYA we have with us 7 different Guayusa Types of tea of course a particularly large selection. That's why you will in the following Guayusa Tea preparations also find information about the types that are best suited for it. Of course, every method is also or especially with our 100% Guayusa Varieties possible.


3.1. Normal Guayusa Tea preparation in tea strainer, teapot, thermos flask

The most common Guayusa Tea preparation is definitely that of a conventional herbal tea tea strainer, teapot, Thermos flask or, if you don't own one of them, then of course it's fine too Fabric tea bags or a disposable tea bag.

Guayusa Tea has the advantage that it does not become bitter. Accordingly, you can simply leave it in the sieve and cup or jug. Our teapot and thermos each have removable stainless steel tea strainers that filter most of the tea. For almost 100% filtering we recommend our dripper, more on that later.

  1. Use approx. 1 huge heaped teaspoon Guayusa tea per 400ml Glass
    1. At a teapot with approximately. 1L use 3 teaspoons or approx. 9g
  2. Use 100ºC hot water and pour over it Guayusa tea
  3. Leave that Guayusa Tea at least 5 minutes, better 15 minutes pull – Ours Recommendations per variety do you find here. 
    1. For the best effect leave that tea strainer simply in the Cup or pot.


3.2. Drippers for Guayusa powder

Our Drippers is specifically for our powder products PURE-POWDER and GUAYUSA-COFFEE intended, but can of course also be used for our teas. The advantage is the double-walled and extra fine stainless steel sieve, which does not allow any tea particles into your water.

For preparation with ours Guayusa powdering

  1. Use approx. 2 teaspoons for one pot
  2. Pour the powder over it 100ºC hot water
    1. first slow until everything powder moist is
    2. then until for the edge of the sieve pour on
  3. Wait, until the Water through the sieve ran is
  4. Repeat the Occurrenceuntil the pot is full.

Due to the large surface area of ​​the powder particles, the active ingredients dissolve particularly quickly. You can make a second infusion, but it will be more watery.

For preparation with ours Guayusa teas

  1. Use 2 tablespoons for a dripperpot
  2. Pour over the tea 100ºC hot water
    1. until the tea floating in the sieve
    2. Wait like the first one Guayusa Tea preparation 5-15 minutes


Guayusa powder


3.3. Cold brew Guayusa Tea preparation

Of course you can also bring a cold brew Guayusa prepare. You can also find a detailed recipe with lemon and panela sugar here Article.

For a cold brew, we definitely recommend using a strainer and not a tea bag.

  1. Use 1 heaped tablespoon Per 400ml jar, that's approx. 3g
  2. Use 3 heaped tablespoon Per 1L jug, that's approx. 9g
  3. Pour over the Guayusa Tea with tap water 
  4. Ask him for 4 to 12 hours in the Refrigeratordepending on the variety
  5. enjoy your cold brew


A Guayusa Cold brew has a significantly different taste than hot brew Guayusa Tea. Something gentler and sweeter. A cold brew works by the way with all our varieties. CHAI However, we personally feel the least about it. However, it is suitable CHAI Better for another preparation, more on that below.


Guayusa Cold brew preparation


3.4. Ice Brew Guayusa preparation

A Guayusa The best way to make ice brew is with our powder, as the surface area of ​​the powder is larger and the active ingredients are released better. You can find an ice brew recipe in our article “Ice Brew Guayusa Tea – summer recipe“.

  1. Use ours Drippers or a coffee filter. It should be tapered and fine-pored.
  2. abundance the sieve How used with powder
  3. stack Ice cubes or Crushed Ice on the powder
  4. Wait, until the Ice cubes melted are
  5. Repeat the process if necessary
  6. Enjoy your eiscold Guayusa!


Guayusa Ice brew tea


3.5. Guayusa bar

Coffee latte, matcha latte, beetroot latte, yes also a preparation as Guayusa-Latte is possible! The varieties are best suited here PURE, DARK, CHAI, PURE-POWDER and of course GUAYUSA-COFFEE.

  1. Prepare one normal Guayusa tea to,
    1. or use one mocha, or coffee machine with the powder and make a strong one espresso
  2. Cook something Oat milk, Almond milk, soy milk or Cow's milk on
  3. Beat the milk frothy or use a tool
  4. Pour the milk into one Glass and mix it with dem Guayusa.

So that yours Guayusa-Latte is also something for the eye, we recommend a mocha for that Guayusa To use tea preparation. You will receive a correspondingly small amount Guayusa tea, but particularly strong.


Guayusa Late tea


3.6. Guayusa espresso

We have it at the Guayusa-Let the latte preparation sound through.

A Guayusa-Espresso is best prepared with one mocha or espresso machine. Use our powder for this.

  1. abundance your mocha with Water.
  2. Fill the mocha with our Guayusa powder.
    1. Use something fewer, than you would use with coffee - the leaves open.
  3. Cook the Guayusa on.
  4. Enjoy an extremely strong and bitter one Guayusa.

A Guayusa Espresso is the only one that tastes good Guayusa Preparation bitter. This is because the high steam temperature dissolves all the polyphenols present. There aren't many, but they are enough to make the taste more like coffee.


3.7. Guayusa from the coffee machine

If you have a coffee machine at home, you can use ours Guayusa You can also easily prepare powder in it. Just use a little less Guayusa powder or Guayusa-Coffee powder than you would with pure coffee. The Guayusa-Leaves soak up water and therefore open more. If you take too much, it will clog the pores of the machine.


3.8. Bullet proof Guayusa tea

We have a precise one for this too Guayusa Bulletproof recipe. Feel free to read the article if you would like to find out more about Bulletproof tea and coffee. Two approaches are suitable for preparation.

version 1

  1. Prepare one traditional Guayusa to. Look Point 3.9.
  2. Follow the steps in variant 2

Variant 2

  1. prepare you one Guayusa Tea with Sieve, Drippers ormocha to
  2. Mix a teaspoon MCT or Coconut oil added
  3. Enjoy your Bulletproof Guayusa tea

By the way, Bulletproof coffee and tea are about the ketogenic diet and that Author Tim Ferris known. The tea with oil, or more traditionally with butter or fresh cow's milk, aims to keep the body in ketosis when you get up in the morning before eating around midday.


3.9. Traditional Guayusa Tea preparation

You can find out how the Kichwa Indians in Ecuador use and prepare food in our Contribution to the traditional use of Guayusa.

For a truly traditional one Guayusa you would need a campfire and lots of fresh leaves. Very few people will have that ;) . As an alternative you can of course use ours Guayusa PURE or DARK, and use a cooking pot.

  1. Take approx. 10g 3 to 4 tablespoons Guayusa tea per liter
  2. Cook the leaves directly in one cooking pot with water
  3. Now turn the heat to a minimum and leave the tea for Simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes
  4. Sieves the leaves away and drink that Guayusa tea

This preparation of Guayusa is no longer particularly tasty. The tea is extremely bitter, but of course also particularly powerful.

In laboratory tests, we found that the caffeine is completely dissolved after about 15 minutes. All the other plant active ingredients, however, take longer. Who Guayusa for lucid dreaming If you want to use tea or really want to have all the antioxidants in your tea, you can use this method.


Guayusa Traditional Ecuadorian preparation


3.10. Guayusa Tea blends

Just like us at GUYA different Guayusa If you have varieties, you can of course create your own variety. Here are some delicious variants that we have at GUYA like to drink myself.

  1. Guayusa with hibiscus
  2. Guayusa with mint
  3. Guayusa with green tea
  4. Guayusa with lemon leaves
  5. Guayusa with dried apple pieces and cinnamon
  6. Guayusa Powder with cocoa powder
  7. Guayusa with ginger
  8. Guayusa with ginger and lemon
  9. Guayusa with Moringa


4. Guayusa Types of tea and their differences in preparation

The 100% ones Guayusa sorts PURE and DARK you can prepare it as per the instructions. Our other varieties, if not already described above, have some special features that we list for you here.



The variety ORANGE-MINT has next to Guayusa also orange peel, mint and licorice. Unlike orange juice, orange peel is known to be bitter. Brewed as a tea, this bitter note also comes through. If you let it steep for too long, the taste will turn bitter.

We recommend:

  1. 1 tablespoon approx. 3g per 400ml
  2. 100ºC water
  3. 5 to 10 minutes steeping time


4.2. CHAI

CHAI is our weakest variety. Accordingly, it contains cinnamon first, followed by Guayusa, cloves, cardamom and licorice. A long steeping time of 15 minutes or longer brings the flavor of cinnamon and licorice to the fore. This is exactly what many of our customers love about this strain. However, if you don't want it to be quite as intense, we recommend the following Guayusa CHAI Preparation:

  1. 1 tablespoon approx. 3g per 400ml
  2. 100ºC water
  3. 5 to 10 minutes steeping time



With ORANGE-MINT together our medium strength variety, it contains Guayusa and lemongrass in equal amounts. The brewing time does not matter for the variety, as neither Guayusa lemongrass can also become bitter.

  1. 1 tablespoon approx. 3g per 400ml
  2. 100ºC water
  3. 10 minutes brewing time and more


5. Conclusion

Guayusa is extremely simple to prepare and still offers many opportunities to let off steam and appeal to different tastes. The fact that Guayusa It hardly becomes bitter even after long steeping times, which is an enormous advantage. It is only through boiling or hot steam and pressure that a bitter tea brew is created, which is then particularly strong.

We hope this comprehensive article helps you Guayusa We have shown some great options for making tea. For Guayusa Simply follow the links in this article for some inspiration or download our recipes free community recipe book.

If you've got a taste for it, you'll find all the varieties in ours Guayusa Shop and you can enjoy our delicious and energizing drinks Guayusa Buy teas. Our own Shop is particularly suitable if you are making a large order, as you can save a lot per pack. At Amazon However, you can place a small order of just one pack with free shipping.


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