Guayusa Preparation - 10 top Guayusa Tea preparations

Guayusa Zubereitung - 10 TOP Guayusa Tee Zubereitungen


In this article we would like to have an extensive insight into the Guayusa Give tea preparation. Since the foundation of GUYA In 2016 we tried all sorts, a lot successful, otherwise not. We give you the really best preparations of Guayusa, so that you can enjoy your favorite guard maker.

All preparations refer to the 100% Guayusa sorts PURE and DARK, unless otherwise written. In the end you will find additional recommendations for our others Guayusa Sorts.

You can find an overview of possible recipes in our free "Community recipes book“, Which you can either add free of charge for every order or in our Newsletter can also have it sent without order.


Table of contents

  1. what is Guayusa Tea?
  2. Plays that Guayusa Draw time?
  3. 10 top variants for the Guayusa Tea preparation
    1. Normal Guayusa Tea preparation in tea sieve, teapot, thermos can
    2. Dripper for Guayusa powder
    3. Cold-Brew Guayusa tea
    4. ICE-BREW Guayusa tea
    5. Guayusa bar
    6. Guayusa espresso
    7. Guayusa From the coffee machine
    8. Bulletproof Guayusa tea
    9. Traditional Guayusa Tea preparation
    10. Guayusa Mixtures
  4. Guayusa Tea varieties and their differences in the preparation
    2. CHAI
  5. Conclusion Guayusa preparation



1. What is Guayusa Tea?

We have written an extensive article on this topic. If you are more about Guayusa Would like to find out tea, read our article “what is Guayusa Tea? Effect, preparation, advantages, purchase" through.

At this point therefore only a short introduction. Guayusa is this most caffeinated drink in the world And comes from the Amazon rainforest. Guayusa is grown in permacultures that protect the rainforest from further deforestation and receive biodiversity. Read our article on this Cultivation of Guayusa. Despite the high caffeine content, the Guayusa Tea effect differently than that of coffee, guarana, mate, green tea etc. and has no known side effects. You can find out why this is so Guayusa Tea effect.


2. Play the Guayusa Draw time?

It depends on the point of view! If you are concerned with the taste and you are afraid that the Guayusa Tea becomes bitter, then we can calm you down at this point! Guayusa Tea does not become bitter even during long time times - of course stronger, but no comparison to black tea and green tea. You can find instructions for green tea here.

If you are concerned with that ingredients, then the time time sometimes makes a difference. We recommend a time of 5 minutes to 15 minutes to solve the entire caffeine content, provided you Guayusa Pours boiling water. To all antioxidants and other active ingredients such as Theobromine, Theophyllin and L-theanin It takes a little longer to solve. We therefore generally recommend Guayusa Prepare tea with a sieve and not to remove it.


Guayusa Tea draw time


3. 10 top variants for the Guayusa Tea preparation

At GUYA we have with 7 different Guayusa Tea varieties Of course, a particularly large selection. That's why you will be in the following Guayusa Tea preparations also find information on the varieties that are best suited for this. Of course, each method is also or in particular with our 100% Guayusa Varieties possible.


3.1. Normal Guayusa Tea preparation in tea sieve, teapot, thermos can

The most common Guayusa Tea preparation is definitely that of a conventional herb tea, with Tea string, teapot, Thermos or, if you don't have one of them, then of course also goes Tea bag made of fabric Or a one-time tea bag.

Guayusa Tea has the advantage that he doesn't become bitter. Accordingly, it can simply be left in the sieve and cup or pot. Our teapot and thermos can each have removable stainless steel tea thieves, which filter most of the tea. We recommend our dripper for almost 100%filtering, more on that later.

  1. Use approx. 1 huge heaps teaspoon Guayusa tea Pro 400ml Glass
    1. At a teapot with approximately. 1l use 3 teaspoons or approx. 9g
  2. Use 100ºC hot water and pour the Guayusa tea
  3. Leave the Guayusa Tea at least 5 minutes, better 15 minutes pull - ours Recommendations per variety do you find here. 
    1. For the best effect Leave that Tea string simply in the Cup or Jug.


3.2. Dripper for Guayusa powder

Our Dripper Is especially for our powder products PURE-POWDER and GUAYUSA-COFFEE thought, but can of course also be used for our teas. The advantage is the double -walled and extra fine stainless steel sieve, which does not leave any tea particles in your water.

For preparation with our Guayusa Powder

  1. Use approx. 2 teaspoons For a Jug
  2. Pour the powder over 100ºC hot water 
    1. first slow until everything powder moist is
    2. then until for the edge sieve pour in
  3. Wait, until the Water through the sieve ran is
  4. Repeat the Occurrenceuntil the jug is full.

Due to the large surface of the powder particles, the active ingredients dissolve particularly quickly. You can do a second infusion, but it will be aqueous water.

For preparation with our Guayusa Teas

  1. Use 2 tablespoons For a dripperJug
  2. Pour the tea over 100ºC hot water
    1. until the tea In the sieve swims
    2. Wait like the first Guayusa Tea preparation 5-15 minutes


Guayusa powder


3.3. Cold-Brew Guayusa Tea preparation

You can of course also have a cold brew with you Guayusa prepare. A detailed recipe with lemon and panela sugar can also be found in this Article.

For a cold brew, we definitely recommend using a sieve and not using a tea bag. 

  1. Use 1 heaps tablespoon Per 400ml glass, that's about 3G
  2. Use 3 heap tablespoon Per 1l jug, that's about 9g
  3. Pour the Guayusa Tea with tap water 
  4. Put him for 4 to 12 hours in the RefrigeratorDepending on the variety
  5. Enjoy your cold-break


A Guayusa Cold-Brew is significantly different in taste than a hotly brewed Guayusa Tea. A little gentler and more sweet. A cold brew works by the way With all of our varieties. CHAI However, we personally feel the least. However, it is suitable CHAI Better for another preparation, more on that below.


Guayusa Cold-Brew preparation


3.4. ICE-BREW Guayusa preparation

A Guayusa It is best to make ICE-BREW with our powder, since the surface of the powder is larger and the active ingredients are better released. You can find an ICE BREW recipe in our post “ICE-BREW Guayusa Tea - summer recipe“.

  1. Use our Dripper or a coffee filter. It should be tapering and fine -pored.
  2. Abundance the sieve How used with powder
  3. stain Ice cubes or Crushed ICE On the powder
  4. Wait, until the Ice cubes melted are
  5. Repeat the process if necessary
  6. Genius your Eis cold Guayusa!


Guayusa Tea ICE-BREW


3.5. Guayusa bar

Coffee latte, matcha latte, beetroot latte, even a preparation as Guayusa-Latte is possible! The varieties are best suited here PURE, DARK, CHAI, PURE-POWDER and of course GUAYUSA-COFFEE.

  1. Prepare one normal Guayusa tea to,
    1. Or use a mocha, or coffee machine with the powder and make a strong one espresso
  2. Cooking something Oat milk, Almond milk, soy milk or Cow's milk on
  3. Stroke the milk foamy Or use a tool
  4. Pour the milk in a Glass and mix it with dem Guayusa.

So your Guayusa-Tratte also becomes something for the eye, we recommend a mocca for the Guayusa To use tea preparation. You get a correspondingly small amount Guayusa tea, but particularly strong.


Guayusa Tea latee


3.6. Guayusa espresso

We have it with the Guayusa-Latte preparation already sound through.

A Guayusa-Sepresso is the best place to prepare with one mocha Or espresso machine. Use our powder.

  1. Abundance your mocha with Water.
  2. Fulfill the mocha with our Guayusa powder.
    1. Use something fewerWhen you would use coffee - the leaves open.
  3. Cooking the Guayusa on.
  4. Genius an extremely strong and bitter Guayusa.

A Guayusa Espresso tastes the only one Guayusa Preparation bitter. This is due to the fact that all existing polyphenols are solved due to the high steam temperature, that's not a lot, but they are enough to bring the taste towards a coffee.


3.7. Guayusa From the coffee machine

If you have a coffee machine at home, you can Guayusa Simply prepare powder in it. Simply use a little less here Guayusa Powder or Guayusa-Coffee powder than you would do with pure coffee. The Guayusa-Blätter suck up with water and are therefore more powerful. If you take too much, this clogs the pores of the machine.


3.8. Bulletproof Guayusa tea

We also have a precise one for this Guayusa Bulletproof recipe. Feel free to read the post if you want to learn more about bulletproof tea and coffee. Two procedures are suitable for preparation. 

version 1

  1. Prepare you one traditional Guayusa to. Look Point 3.9.
  2. Follow the steps of variant 2

Variant 2

  1. prepare you one Guayusa Tea with Sieve, Dripper or mocha to
  2. Mix a teaspoon MCT or Coconut oil in addition
  3. Genius Your bulletproof Guayusa tea

Bulletproof coffee and tea are also over the ketogenic diet and the Author Tim Ferris known. The tea with oil, or traditionally with butter or fresh cow's milk, aims to keep the body in ketosis in the morning after getting up before eating something around noon.


3.9. Traditional Guayusa Tea preparation

How the Kichwa Indians use and prepare in Ecuador can be found in our Contribution to the traditional use of Guayusa.

For a really traditional Guayusa You need a campfire and lots of fresh leaves. Few will have that;). As an alternative you can of course our Guayusa PURE or DARK, and use a saucepan.

  1. Take approx. 10g 3 to 4 tablespoons Guayusa Tea Pro liter
  2. Cooking the leaves directly in one cooking pot with water
  3. Now turn the heat to a minimum and leave the tea for Simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes
  4. Sieves the leaves away and drink that Guayusa tea

This preparation of Guayusa is no longer particularly tasty. The tea is extremely bitter, but of course also particularly strong in effect.

We found in laboratory tests that the caffeine is completely solved after about 15 minutes. All the other plant active ingredients, but take longer. Who Guayusa for lucid dreams may be able to use or really want to contain all antioxidants in his tea, he can fall back on this method.


Guayusa Preparation Ecuador traditionally


3.10. Guayusa Tea mixtures

Just like us at GUYA different Guayusa You can of course also create your own variety. Here are some delicious variants that we have at GUYA like to drink yourself.

  1. Guayusa hibiscus
  2. Guayusa with mint
  3. Guayusa With green tea
  4. Guayusa with lemon leaves
  5. Guayusa With dried apple pieces and cinnamon
  6. Guayusa Powder with cocoa powder
  7. Guayusa With ginger
  8. Guayusa With ginger and lemon
  9. Guayusa with Moringa


4. Guayusa Tea varieties and their differences in the preparation

The 100% Guayusa sorts PURE and DARK you can prepare as in the instructions. Our other varieties, if not already described above, have some special features that we list you here.



The variety ORANGE-MINT has next to Guayusa Also orange peel, mint and licorice. Unlike orange juice, the orange peel is known to be bitter. As a tea brewed, this bitter grade also gets through. Leave the fetching too long, so the taste turns into the bitter.

We recommend:

  1. 1 tablespoon approx. 3g per 400ml
  2. 100ºC water 
  3. 5 to 10 minutes of drawing time


4.2. CHAI

CHAI is our weakest variety. Guayusa, Cloves, cardamom and licorice. Due to a long time, 15 minutes and longer, the taste of the cinnamon and licorice comes to the fore. Many of our customers love exactly that of this variety. However, if you don't want it as intensely, we recommend the following Guayusa CHAI Preparation:

  1. 1 tablespoon approx. 3g per 400ml
  2. 100ºC water 
  3. 5 to 10 minutes of drawing time



With ORANGE-MINT Together our medium -strong variety, it contains Guayusa and lemongrass in the same amounts. The drawing time does not matter in the case of variety, since neither Guayusa still become bitter grass.

  1. 1 tablespoon approx. 3g per 400ml
  2. 100ºC water 
  3. 10 minutes of drawing time and more


5. Conclusion

Guayusa Is extremely simple in the preparation and still offers many ways to let off steam and thus address various tastes. The fact that Guayusa Even with long time times hardly becomes bitter, an enormous advantage is. Only by boiling or hot water vapor and pressure is a bitter tea sow, which is then particularly strong.

We hope you with this extensive article for Guayusa Tea preparation to have shown some great opportunities. For Guayusa Recipes simply follow the links in this article to get some inspiration, or download ours Free community recipes book.

If you got a taste, you will find all the varieties in our Guayusa Shop and you can use our delicious and energetic Guayusa Buy teas. Our own Shop It is particularly suitable if you make a large order because you can save a lot per package here. At Amazon On the other hand, you can carry out a small order of only one package free of charge.