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Everything important about the Yuzu fruit - taste, origin & recipe


Our planet earth has a lot to offer. We take a look at the box with you and discover something very special: the Yuzu plant. The Yuzu fruit, also called the hardy lemon, has been grown in China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years, where it already enchanted the prevailing dynasties with their intensive aromas. Yuzu goes perfectly with our Guayusa tea, which is why we will introduce you to two recipe ideas at the end.



Table of contents

  1. What does the Yuzu fruit look like?
  2. How does the Yuzu fruit taste?
  3. Guayusa Tea with yuzu juice recipe


1. What does the Yuzu fruit look like?

Visually, the yuzu fruit seems like one Mixing of mandarins and lemon. The Chinese fruit is yellow to light orange, is roughly the size of a tennis ball and the shape of a mandarin. The skin of the yuzu is rougher than that of the mandarin and is grated for cooking, baking and using for desserts. Inside the citrus fruit there are up to 40 seeds and a little less fruit juice than in the lemon, which makes the yuzu fruit even more valuable.


2. How does Yuzu taste?

In Asian cuisine, the Yuzu juice is indispensable, because due to its sweet and sour-aromatic taste, it offers a more pleasant and complex aroma than the lemon. The taste is reminiscent of a mixture between lime and mandarin.

After trying the juice it was clear to us that we have the combination of GUYA and want to do fruit. But we still wanted to stick to our values: organic and fairness. So we started looking for the best yuzu juice and we found what we were looking for.


3. Guayusa Tea with yuzu juice recipe

3.1. Easy preparation without sugar

If you our originals Guayusa Already have teas at home, then it offers a hot one Guayusa Tea with a shot to drink yuzu.
Simply prepare a cup Guayusa to. Our Top 10 preparations for GuayusaA we linked you. After your preferred drawing time, you simply add a little yuzu juice. Don't take too much juice, because Yuzu is extremely strong in taste.


3.2. Cold-Brew with Yuzu juice for the summer

Another option is one Guayusa Cold Brew. Take the same amount Guayusa Tea like for a hot infusion. Instead of boiling water, you now use cold tap water. Put the Jug or that Glass With the tea and water in the fridge for 4 to 8 hours. Now sieve the leaves or use our Stainless steel tea string And add a shot yuzu. For a light sweetness you can add a teaspoon of sugar or best Panela Add.


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