Drink tea cold - can you drink tea cold?

Tee kalt trinken – Kann man Tee kalt trinken?


Drinking tea cold and brewing is a magnificent way to make bitter tea such as green tea and mate tea gently and sweeter. Other types of tea like Guayusa Are even more delicious.

In this article we give you an extensive overview of different types of tea, your preparation and how the cold brewing and drinking changes the taste. You can also find out more about further links in our blog about other preparations and go deeper into the matter.


Table of contents

  1. Why tea brew and drink cold
    1. Story
    2. What makes cold tea special?
      1. Drink green tea cold - taste
      2. Guayusa Drink tea cold - taste
      3. Other teas - taste
  2. Prepare tea cold
    1. Green tea
    2. Guayusa tea
    3. mate tea
    4. Matcha tea
  3. Cold and drink other tea varieties?
  4. Conclusion - drink tea cold


1. Why do tea brew and drink cold?

1.1 History

The brewing of tea in cold water is, strictly speaking, the variant that we humans use first to prepare leaf infusions. Green tea, according to history, was drunk by a monk for the first time after the tea leaves fell into his cup while slept under a tea tree.

Only later was the water boiled and the tea leaves poured over. With leaf infributes such as Guayusa tea Become the leaves traditional even boiled out.

1.2. What makes cold tea special?

Whether green tea, Guayusa Tea, Mate, Matcha etc., drinking cold tea, which was also prepared cold, significantly changes the taste of the tea. The ingredients still seem to be present to the same extent, this has a laboratory examination too Guayusa Tea through us. Both the Caffeine content as well as the salary on Antioxidants was identical to a hot infusion and cold cast.

Drink green tea cold - taste

Everyone knows it, green tea quickly tastes bitter when the water temperature and Drawing time is not adhered to. On the other hand, if the green tea is brewed cold and drunk cold (or theoretically warmed up afterwards) there are significantly fewer bitter fabrics in the tea. Drinking cold tea is therefore much more pleasant for many. In terms of taste, other shades like a slight sweetness come to light.

Guayusa Drink tea cold - taste

Guayusa In contrast to green tea, tea has no bitter substances. A hot brewed infusion therefore already has a pleasant taste. The brewing of cold Guayusa As with green tea, tea also leads to an even more lovely taste that tastes sweet and even slightly fruity.

Other teas - taste

As with green tea and Guayusa Tea usually always has a cold infusion. The taste becomes gentler and somewhat lover, bitter substances are solved in a smaller amount and active ingredients such as caffeine and antioxidants are alike.


2. Prepare tea cold

2.1. Green tea

In the case of hot infusions, you have to pay particular attention to the drawing times, for that we have a separate article "Pull times of green tea". With the cold brewing of green tea, there are significantly fewer to consider. Depending on the type of tea, you should approach your favorite taste. However, as a orientation you can use the following foothills:

Pull time for cold tea:

  • 4 hours For a gentle cold green tea
  • 8 hours For a medium -strong cold tea with a slightly bitter note
  • 12 hours For an intense green tea that also has a strong bitter note

2.2. Guayusa tea

You can find precise instructions for preparing the top 10 options in our post "Top 10 preparations from Guayusa tea". Among them one Cold-Brew and ICE-BREW Directions. Here we would like to have a brief overview of the preparation of cold Guayusa give.

Pull time for cold Guayusa Tea:

  • 6 hours For a gentle Guayusa tea
  • 8 hours For a delicious, sweet and fruity Guayusa Tea with a lot of caffeine
  • 12 hours For a strong, intense, tart, slightly fruity Guayusa Tea with a lot of caffeine

2.3. mate tea

Here, too, we have an additional contribution with further information by learning how you can Influence the taste of mate tea can. You can use the following brewing times to prepare cold mate tea.

Pull times for cold mate tea:

  • 4 hours For a gentle cold mate tea without bitter substances
  • 8 hours For a strong mate tea with caffeine and already strong bitter note
  • 12 hours For a bitter cold mate tea

2.4. Matcha tea

Matcha tea is strictly speaking green tea of ​​the top class. A comparison of normal green tea with Matcha can be found in our "Matcha vs green tea comparison". Matcha powder is generally much looser and more sweet in The taste as a standard green tea. However, it is brewed with cold water even sweeter.

Preparation of cold Matcha tea:

  • Matcha tea is prepared similarly to an instant powder, either modern with a blender, whisk or traditionally with a Matcha broom (called chaues).
  • The powder is placed in the Matcha shell and poured with a little cold water with constant and fast stirring with the Matcha broom.
  • The Matcha tea should start to foam
  • You can brew Matcha tea with more or less cold water depending on the desired intensity

You can find instructions for the exact Matcha preparation including equipment and quality recommendation in our detailed article "Matcha preparation".


3. Cold and drink other tea varieties?

There is generally nothing to speak against brewing and drinking any kind of herbs, leaves, seeds and flowers. However, some manufacturers expressly point out that the tea has to be poured hot in order to obtain safe food. This is often a purely legal protection, since cold water does not kill bacteria or any infestation with insects.

Tea is a natural product, which is why there is always a risk of contamination. Cheap manufacturers of discounter tee varieties also mix dozens of to hundreds of raw material sources in order to get under the guidelines of pesticides. When choosing the right tea, you should therefore pay attention to so-called single-original teas. Our Guayusa Tea comes from a farmers' community from Ecuador, for example. You can harvest and work on our Youtube channel track transparently.


4. Conclusion - drink tea cold

Drinking cold tea, which was also brewed cold, is a delicious experience and can generally be done with any tea and sheet infusion.

Depending on the type of tea, you have to approach your personal flavor preference when preparing. A green tea needs significantly less time, whereas a herbal tea or Guayusa Tea need a little more time to develop an intense taste.