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Guayusa Tea draw time and dosage


How much Guayusa Do you need tea for a well -tasting glass full of energy? To the question of dosage and drawing time of Guayusa Tea should be in this article.

Of course, your personal demands regarding taste and effect depend on. In the following you will find a few tips on how we can GUYA ours Guayusa Prepare tea.



  1. Dosage of Guayusa Tea - recommendation
  2. Pull time of Guayusa Tea - recommendation
    1. Draw times of the different Guayusa-Tea varieties
  3. Preparation of Guayusa
  4. Conclusion


1. Dosage of Guayusa Tea - recommendation

To have a tasty, intense and overall effective Guayusa-Tee to get, we recommend the following dosage.

  • For a 250 ml of glass: a frequent teaspoon Guayusa-Leaves. That corresponds approx. 2g Guayusa Scroll.
  • A 300 ml to 400 mg glass, like ours GUYA-Glass: A dining spoon Guayusa-Tee, corresponds to a dosage of approx. 3G.
  • One 1 liter of jugs: Three heaped tablespoons - corresponds to approx. 9 g to 10 g.

We use for all of ours Guayusa Tea varieties approx. the same dosage. An overview of the dosage and also the time times of Guayusa You can also find tea here.


2. Pull time of Guayusa Tea - recommendation

With other teas like Yerba mate tea and Green tea or black tea Do you have to think about the drawing time much more than with Guayusa Tea. Because differently than this teas Guayusa Tea not bitter. Also after Draw times from 20 minutes or even 60 minutes is Guayusa tea still clearly more pleasant to drink as a green tea or black tea.

However, we are always asked by customers what we recommend. In addition to the instructions on the packaging and ours Overview in the Shop we would like to give you an overview here.

Get a pleasantly strong taste Guayusa Tea already after one Drawing time from 5 to 7 minutes. After 15 to 20 minutes should everything caffeine solved be. From then on the Taste stronger and clearly over.


2.1. Draw times of the different Guayusa-Tea varieties


Guayusa Tea draw time 

Depending on Guayusa-Tee variety, however, we recommend slightly different drawing times. Here is an overview:

  1. PURE: As described above, we think 15 minutes upwards is best.
  2. DARK: Also from 15 minutes upwards.
  3. LEMONGRASS: From 10 to 15 minutes very tasty!
  4. CHAI: Approx. 10 minutes. The tea becomes sweeter and cinnamon with longer drawing times.
  5. ORANGE-MINT: 5 to 10 minutes. The tea becomes bitter-sweet during longer time times.
  6. PURE-POWDER: 5 to 10 minutes. The draw time of our Guayusa Tea powder is a little shorter than from PURE, because the taste and active ingredients can develop faster due to the large surface.
  7. GUAYUSA-COFFEE: Use 5 to 10 minutes or our dripper and pour boiling water over.

All varieties can be used with our Dripper prepare. For our teas you will find one Glass with tea sieve teapot in the Shop, as well as one Thermoskanne with stainless steel tea sieve can be used. If you prefer smaller quantities, you will also find one Glass and Stainless steel tea string in the Shop.


3. Preparation of Guayusa


Guayusa Tea preparation


In addition to the different draw times of our Guayusa You also have the option of preparing tea varieties in different ways.

  1. Teabag: You can find tea bags for self -filling in every DM or Rossmann. You can easily hang them in your cup or pot and throw them away later.
  2. Tea string: Regardless of whether you choose a jug or a cup with tea strainer, this method makes life enormously easier for you and saves a lot of garbage.
  3. French-press: This is a teapot without sieve. The Guayusa-Blätter can swim freely in the water and thus develop an excellent aroma. So that you don't drink the leaves, the French-Press has a press function in which the leaves are pressed onto the floor.
  4. mocha: A mocca is an Italian Espresso can For the stove. Here you fill our Guayusa Simply powder or tea. The heated water of the small water tank steams through the leaves upwards into a collecting container.

These were just a few of the many possibilityn. Our Top 10 Guayusa Tea preparations You can find in the linked article and free recipes of our community here.


4. Conclusion

We hope to have your questions about the drawing time of Guayusa Tea are now answered and you are already preparing a delicious energy. If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you on Instagram, Facebook and via support.

Shouldn't you yet have a bio Guayusa have in your kitchen cabinet, so you can in us in Shop with Order a 5% discount, By making the code: "Blog 5" uses or even 10% discount If you are in our Newsletter Entry.

We look forward to your order and feedback.

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