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Green tea draw time - how long has to pull green tea?

1. Introduction to the importance of the right draw time for green tea

Green tea and his time time have always been a difficult topic. It is important to understand that it is not only important which variety Green tea you buy or which infusion method you use, but also the right time time for your green tea.

The rightDrawing time is crucial to achieve the full effect of the tea and get a pleasant taste. Most people think that you just have to pour boiling water over the tea and let it go for a few minutes - but the truth is that there is much more than that.

Every green tea has its own specific instructions at the time of drawing and even the various infusion methods have different guidelines. It is therefore important to carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer before you start.


Table of contents

  1. Introduction to the importance of the right draw time for green tea
  2. What is the best way to achieve the optimal effect of green tea?
  3. The different types of green tea and their respective drawing time
  4. Tips and tricks for a perfect extract of the tea
  5. Conclusion: green tea and his time time
  6. Alternative to green tea without bitter taste


2. What is the best way to achieve the optimal effect of green tea?

Reaching the optimal effect of green tea can be a bit difficult. Many factors play a role, including the variety of tea, the quality of the water and the time.

Since green tea offers so many health benefits, it is important that you use the right time time to have the best possible experience. Green tea usually has to pull for 2-3 minutes. This is the ideal time time to get the best taste and most health benefits out of the tea. However, this is only very generally spoken and really only applies to standard tea!

It is therefore important to note that there can be differences depending on the variety of the tea and some species have to pull longer than others. So if you try a new variety green tea, we recommend that you adapt and experiment the die time.

The type of water can also affect the taste of the tea. If you use hard water, you can try to dilute it with some distilled or boiled water. This gives them a softer taste and the flavorings in the tea are released more easily. Even better is water from a reverse fashion system that you simply close to your water connection. Bottle water is good for the taste, but in relation to theClimate influence Very questionable!

There are also various ways to brew the green tea - whether directly in oneCup, in theTea stringteapot orThermos.

Regardless of the time and brewing process, all tea drinkers have the same goal: to get the best possible taste and most health benefits out of the green tea! With the right technology you can make sure that your green tea is always fresh and aromatic - so you can enjoy the perfect cup every time!


3. The different types of green tea and their respective drawing time


Comparison of green tea, black tea, Guayusa tea


There are various factors that need to be considered when you consider how long the time of a green tea is. These include the


  • Strength of the tea,
  • The temperature of the water and
  • The type of water
  • The way you want to serve the tea.


Below you will find some recommended drawing times for green tea:

  1. Below you will find Grüntee-Sroten and their drawing times:
  2. Sencha usually needs 2-4 minutes;
  3. Gyokuro usually needs 3-5 minutes;
  4. Genmaicha usually needed 2-4 minutes;
  5. Bancha usually needed 1-2 minutes;
  6. Hojicha usually needed 1-2 minutes


By the way, Matcha is also green tea. However, the leaves are shaded before harvesting and then grinded. Matcha is stirred into the water and drunk!

If the tea overwhelms or tastes bitter (which happens to let it go for too long), you should make sure that you take the tea out of the water a little earlier the next time. Of course, your personal taste also plays a role here - so experiment a little around and find out what fits the best!


4. Tips and tricks for a perfect extract of the tea

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the ratio of tea leaves to water. Newcomers will usually taste a small amount of leaves too intensely, with real green tea fans a handful of hardly enough. Here, too, you have to experiment and find your personal preferences. You can look around for a tea house in your region and get good tips for individual varieties.

Another tip for the perfect green tea preparation must be played with the number of infusions and the respective water temperature. You can brew some teas much more than two, three, or four times. Even boiling water is okay for some types of tea, but not for others.


5. Conclusion: green tea and his time time

Finding the right time time with your green tea is very important because it has an impact on the quality of taste and the effect of the tea.

Most experts agree that the optimal pulling time is between 2 and 3 minutes with a standard green tea. However, you should consider your own preferences - many people like their tea a little stronger or softer, and this can vary depending on the variety. If you let your tea pull too long, it will taste bitter and possibly be uncomfortably sharp. If he pulls too short, may taste too bland.

The drawing time of a green tea is very important, but heavily dependent on your personal preferences. The type of preparation is just as important. Experiment with the water temperature, with the type of water itself and theTeaware (CupTea stringTeapot, Thermos).


6. Alternative to green tea without bitter taste

If you have read this article to the end, you will probably be an enthusiastic tea drinker. At this point we would like to you Guayusa-Tea introduce. Even if Guayusa not from the tea plant, that is, the Camellia sinensis descents, becomes Guayusa also prepared with hot water.

Differences Guayusa Especially in the taste and the Simplicity of the preparation to green tea. Guayusa Do not taste bitter even with long drawing times and boiling water. Draw times From 10 minutes to an hour are quite normal, without the taste or the effect that changes negatively.

The Effect of Guayusa Is due to its high content caffeine, as well asTheobromineTheophyllinL-theanin andAntioxidants Long -lasting and stronger than with green tea. Guayusa Looks basic and is therefore particularly good for the stomach. When it comes to antioxidants Guayusa-Tee approx. Twice as many and is therefore not only the most caffeous leaf in the world, but also in antioxidants.

In ourShop You can find many Guayusa Varieties, from original Guayusa, over fermented, towards mixes. We are looking forward to your visit.

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