Kakako recipe preparation of cocoa tea with caffeine

Kakako Rezept Zubereitung von Kakao Tee mit Koffein


Cocoa is one of the most valuable Groceries And in addition to healthy macronutrients such as fat and protein, also micronutrient such as iron, magnesium and potassium. For a delicious cocoa recipe with tea, we take a closer look at Kocao.

If you would like to learn more about the healthy owners of cocoa, we recommend our article “Cocoa is healthy - ingredients, effects, histamine & preparation". Should you specifically for Cocoa ceremonies Interest, then we also have a detailed article on this.



  1. How do you recognize the best cocoa?
  2. Preparation - cocoa normal 
  3. Cocoa recipe with spices
  4. Cocoa tea with caffeine
    1. Cocoa tea with Guayusa powder
    2. Cocoa tea with chaI


1. How do you recognize the best cocoa?

South America special, Ecuador, has already won international prizes for the best cocoa. This comes from the special volcanic stone earth. But in general, delicious cocoa grows in many parts of the earth. In the end you have to decide whether Asian, African or South American beans have to taste better.

For a good cocoa recipe and the full pleasure, however, you should make sure that your bought Cocoa powder Or cocoa mass is not added to calcium carbonate. This is often used to stretch the expensive cocoa and let it trickle more easily. You can easily check this by going through the list of ingredients. Either cocoa or cocoa and cocoa butter should be here.


2. Preparation - normal

Before the cocoa recipe comes with tea, we first take a look at how we can prepare a delicious and strong basic cocoa.

For a normal cocoa recipe you need boiling water, either from the kettle or from the stove. You can simply dissolve the cocoa mass or the cocoa powder in the boiling water while stirring. Traditionally, cocoa is only prepared with some water and very strongly. Depending on the intensity, you can therefore vary the amount of cocoa. A good starting point are approx. 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder per 300-400ml cup.


3. cocoa recipe with spices

You can now add spices to the normal cocoa recipe. For example, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and licorice. This is also a traditional preparation that often for Cocoa ceremonies is used. You can usually get the spices, except for licorice in every large grocery store.

This preparationsuitable Significantly better on the stove, since all the ingredients are boiled together and should continue to cook at a low temperature for 3 to 5 minutes.

Before serving you just sieve the ingredients and you can see the cocoa z. B. round off with a little oat milk and sugar or honey.


4. cocoa tea with caffeine

Cocoa tea is a popular term to describe our "normal cocoa recipe". In fact, it is cocoa with water. For most, this type of drinking cocoa will be too intense in taste, since cocoa can become very bitter.

However, we want a real cocoa tea with Guayusa Prepare and not a particularly fancy drink! Guayusa tea is a plant that also comes from South America, the leaves of which most caffeinated in the world are and yet none Side effects how to cause coffee. More about Effect of Guayusa tea and the Preparation of Guayusa tea You can find in the linked blog articles.

In our Shop You can find many Guayusa-Sorts. For the purpose of our cocoa recipe with tea, we focus on two varieties: CHAI and PURE-POWDER


Cocoa with Guayusa Tea preparation and recipe


4.1. Cocoa tea with Guayusa powder

By the way, cocoa also has caffeine, but only very low. The PURE Guayusa Powder therefore brings the cocoa an enormous kick.

We prepare cocoa for a large cup or Glass with a. 400 ml before. You need a saucepan, 450ml of water, Guayusa Powder and cocoa powder. Give about 1 tsp Guayusa Powder and 2 TL cocoa in the water and cook it.

Guayusa Is a sheet, it will therefore happen that some small ones Guayusa Particles initially swim on the water until they have soaked themselves up. The cocoa and the rest of the Guayusa Powder should already be distributed well in the water.

Let the mix boil down and then simmer for about 5 minutes over low heat. You can do the cocoa and that Guayusa Drink the powder. However, this can feel one or the other as unpleasant, even if it is traditionally done. So sieves that Guayusa-Pluver and cocoa powder and enjoy your guard.

A dash of oat milk is also very good at this recipe. A preparation in our Dripper With a double-walled stainless steel sieve, it is also possible, just like pouring the mixture in a cup.


4.2. Cocoa tea with CHAI

If you want it a little more spicy and less caffeinated, you can instead of ours Guayusa Powder, ours Guayusa-CHAI to use. Our CHAI consists of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, licorice and little Guayusa.

The preparation makes itself in a saucepan or ours 950ml teapot made of glass with stainless steel sieve the easiest.

Use a big TL CHAI and two TL cocoa. Give them CHAI Mix to the tea strainer and the cocoa directly into the jug so that he can drink it at the end. Pour the mixture with boiling water and stir up a few times. The drawing time can also be about 10 minutes.

This mixture is particularly tasty because it brings the light sweetness of the licorice and the spicy properties of our cinnamon, cardamom and clove mixture. It is not quite as rich in caffeine, which of course by adding something Guayusa can be changed.