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Drink less coffee or stop completely, so the waiver works!


Coffee is the most traded drink from the amount of raw goods, although it causes problems with many consumers. In this article we therefore go into how you can specifically, piece by piece, less coffee, in order to be able to do without or stop.



  1. Why drink less coffee?
  2. Side effects
  3. How to drink less coffee and then stop completely
    1. If you drink coffee for reasons of pleasure
    2. When you drink coffee to be awake
  4. Conclusion


1. Why drink less coffee?

If you want to drink less coffee, then probably because you feel pain or a general discomfort after consumption.

This is not uncommon and can be attributed to certain properties of coffee, which we deal with in more detail.

Before that, however, the question arises as to what reason you drink coffee?

Is it out of pleasure or to be awake? If you belong to the pleasure group, you do not have to do without coffee, but have a small change. Do you belong to the group that wants to be awake to z. B. to perform more at work, then there are significantly better ways than coffee, which are also healthier and cheaper.


2. Side effects

The Side effects of coffee we will also treat in another blog article.

The most widespread side effects of years of and high coffee consumption are the following:

  • heartburn
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Rigidity
  • Stomach

If you are affected by one of these side effects, you should urgently look not only to drink less coffee, but to stop completely.

Coffee side effects


3. How to drink less coffee and then stop?

3.1. If you drink coffee for reasons of pleasure

There is no exact replacement for your favorite coffee. Certainly you have already heard of lupine coffee and caro coffee etc., but the truth is that they simply taste significantly different and that a direct coffee waiver is not possible, and caffeine is also missing.

caffeine is also not the cause of stomach problems such as heartburn. Drunk in the right shape and amount, caffein does not cause any Side effects, but has many Advantages.

The best alternative is a coffee mix of professional and hand-roasted beans and Guayusa Scroll. Hand-roasted is therefore important because industrial-roasted beans are heated far too much during roasting and the roasting fabrics appear negatively on the stomach in addition to coffee acid. Guayusa Leaves fit perfectly because they are very gentle in taste and the original coffee taste is therefore not so much affected. Also has Guayusa Caffeine, more than coffee. More to Guayusa In our post "what is Guayusa tea“.

With the help of our Coffee-Guayusa Mix You can drink 50% less coffee overnight without having to do without enjoyment. Guayusa Haves basic and thus compensates for the aggressive coffee acid, and it also counteracts the other unpleasant effects of coffee such as rapid heartbeat and hibbling.

The beans used in our mix come as Guayusa Also, from ecological and biodive forest gardens of Ecuador. They are roasted by hand and have already won several prices for the best international small farmer Robusta coffee.

Your stomach and your clear mind will be happy. You can order our Coffee-Guayusa Mix in our Shop. In this way you can drink 50% less coffee without compromise without having to stop.

Guayusa Tea voucher discount code buy cheap


3.2. When you drink coffee to be awake

If you drink coffee to be awake, you will probably drink many cups a day and also feel some of the above -mentioned side effects.

The waxation is triggered almost exclusively by the caffeine over coffee. From a chemical point of view, this is almost unbound in the coffee bean and can therefore work particularly quickly. This often causes heartbeat, ribbing and soulful thoughts, similar to the consumption of Energy drinks

You now have the opportunity to drink significantly less coffee by also on our 50/50 mix Guayusa + Coffee Back, or you do without completely.

If you want to stop drinking coffee completely and don't just want to drink less, Guayusa As a special more effective and efficient Attachmaker. Guayusa is the most caffeinated leaf in the world, with up to 7.6% caffeine much more than Coffee, Matcha, Guarana and mate tea.

Through the unique ingredients there is no racing heart, no stomach problems and no leaking thoughts. On the contrary, you feel awake, focused, relaxed and powerful at the same time.

Use Ecuador's indigenous people Guayusa Before hunting and field work, they say „Guayusa sharpen the senses, focus the mind and strengthen the body! ".

Guayusa It is also very easy to prepare like a tea. If you our Guayusa powder Use it even like coffee in a mocha, coffee machine or Dripper prepare.

Why drink less coffee and stop or do without?


4. Conclusion

Drinking less coffee or completely stopping it is often easier said than done. For some it is the coffee taste that does not make you do without and for others the vigilance effect.

At the latest when the side effects such as rapid heartbeat, stomach problems and ribbing become too strong, it is at least less coffee to drink.

Guayusa Offers the best alternative to coffee here, it lasts you long and pleasantly awake, increases physical performance and protects the stomach with its basic effect.

The best varieties are a strong effect PURE, DARK and PURE-POWDER. For everyone who only wants to drink less coffee but don't want to stop, our Guayusa-Coffee mix the best alternative.


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