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GUYA meets Asia - What is Yuzu?

Our planet earth has a lot to offer. We will take a look at the bigger picture with you and discover something very special: the yuzu plant.

The yuzu fruit, also known as the hardy lemon, has been cultivated in China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years, where it enchanted the ruling dynasties with its intense aroma.

What does the yuzu fruit look like?

Visually, the yuzu fruit seems like a mixture of tangerine and lemon. The Chinese fruit is yellow to light orange, about the size of a tennis ball and shaped like a tangerine. The skin of the yuzu is rougher than that of the tangerine and is used when grated for cooking, baking and desserts. Inside the citrus fruit there are up to 40 seeds and slightly less fruit juice than in the lemon, which makes the yuzu fruit even more valuable.

How does yuzu taste?

In Asian cuisine, yuzu juice has become indispensable, because its sweet-sour-aromatic taste offers a more pleasant and complex aroma than lemon. The taste is reminiscent of a mix between lime and tangerine.

After tasting the juice, it was clear to us that we wanted the combination of GUYA and yuzu fruit. But we still wanted to stick to our values: organic and fairness. So we went in search of the best yuzu juice and we found it.

Where does our yuzu juice come from?

Our Yuzu comes from Tokushima, Japan. There we work together with the manufacturer Hikari Foods. This wants to further promote organic cultivation in Japan and focuses on fairness, organic and non-GMO in its products.

If you want to convince yourself of the exotic taste of Yuzu, then try ours GUYA Craft Brew Energy Yuzu . The natural sweetness of the guayusa and the sour aroma of the yuzu make the drink an invigorating soft drink that you have never seen before.

Here you can find our online shop. Try our other two varieties GUYA Craft-Brew Energy Wild Berry and GUYA Craft-Brew Energy PURE.


If you prefer to use our original Guayusa teas and already have yuzu juice at home anyway, then drinking a hot guayusa tea with a shot of yuzu is a good idea.
Simply prepare a cup of guayusa as usual. After your preferred steeping time, you simply add some yuzu juice. Don't use too much juice because yuzu is extremely strong in flavor.

Another option is a Guayusa Cold Brew. Use the same amount of guayusa tea as you would for a hot infusion. Instead of boiling water, however, you now use cold tap water. Put the pot or glass with the tea and water in the fridge for 4-8 hours. Sift off the leaves and add a dash of yuzu. For a little sweetness you can add a teaspoon of sugar, or preferably Panela. add.

Guayusa tea

Organic Guayusa from GUYA is original Guayusa from Ecuador. You can order our Guayusa directly from our shop and have it delivered to your home.

GUYA is Europe's first and largest Guayusa brand that offers you a large selection of Guayusa products. Our versatile Guayusa blends bring variety to your everyday life, keep you awake, focused and relaxed at the same time.

Since 2016 we have been working directly with farmers from Ecuador without intermediaries and have learned a lot about the processing of guayusa.

We look forward to your Guayusa order. 

Powder Guayusa

Buy pure guayusa tea powder. Our Guayusa powder offers you a variety of preparations without losing the organic quality.

Our PURE Guayusa Powder is original Guayusa, but particularly finely sieved to extract the powder particles . You can use the Guayusa powder in preparation of  a latte, cappuccino, espresso or for smoothies and pastries.

With the use of our Dripper , Guayusa powder can easily be used to prepare tea. The dripper's has a double-walled sieve that prevents the powder particles from getting into your tea. This way you can enjoy a delicious Guayusa tea without tea leaves in the water.


The Guayusa sets contain all our Guayusa tea flavours  as well as our tea accessories.Purchasing Guayusa in Sets is a best way to save money because  the Guayusa is in cheaper price in Sets than when sold as an individual product.

Our Guayusa comes from Ecuador and is organically grown there and traded fairly by us.

Each Guayusa set is put together differently and offers you a cheap alternative to expensive individual orders. Choose from sets with a teapot, tea glass, thermos flask, tea strainer and our 7 Guayusa varieties.


Our high-quality tea accessories made from stainless steel and special borosilicate glass have a long service life and can withstand all temperatures unconditionally! Find the right tea accessory for you in our online shop!

The glass products, as well as our stainless steel tea strainers, are suitable for any loose tea. All products can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher or under running water.

You can buy our products individually or in a combined package at a lower price.

Our tea accessories online shop also offers you a large selection of Guayusa tea which all together, as a set, make   an excellent gift.

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